How To Repair Damaged Tree Bark in Jacksonville, FL?

Sometimes we find damaged bark on our trees, which can raise significant concerns. After all, peeling bark is one of the many signs of tree decay, which can be devastating for a tree no matter how old or sturdy it may seem. If you want to learn more about how to repair damaged tree bark, consider reading the article below by Eagerton Tree Service LLC, Jacksonville’s certified tree service contractor.

how to repair damaged tree bark

How To Repair Damaged Tree Bark: 3 Steps for Tree Wound Care and Healing Techniques

If you’ve looked over your tree and realized it has some bark issues, preventing infection in damaged tree bark is the priority. Bark openings can make for prime infection spots, making determining effective pruning and cleaning techniques for tree wounds important. When you find bark cracking or missing bark on a tree, take the following steps.

1. Assess the Damage

If you’re wondering about how to repair damaged tree bark, the first step is to assess the damage and determine if this is an issue you can fix yourself. Knowing when to call a professional for tree bark repair is important for your plant’s continued health. If your tree is only missing a small portion of bark, say, the size of your hand, then this isn’t an extreme case. However, if your bark is missing a great ring or chunk of protective bark skin, this will take a much longer time to heal and may require intervention.

2. Clean Cut the Bark

The next step is to cut the wound; while this may sound harmful, ensuring the wound is free of blockages that would prevent healing can help the tree recover more effectively. Jagged bark cuts can interfere with your tree’s natural ability to heal, so to cut the bark, gently ensure that the tree’s wound is in an oval shape. This shallow extension of the wound allows it to close much easier than a jagged, uneven area.

3. Reattach Bark

Hanging bark pieces are good signs that your tree can heal; find any part of your bark that is still attached and place it back on carefully with duct tape. Before you attempt to reattach the bark, wash the wound carefully with water to ensure that all foreign objects are gone. Part of the objective for cleaning and orchestrating the controlled growth of a wound is promoting callus growth for tree bark repair. There are many different ways to help a tree; other natural and synthetic treatments for damaged bark include:

  • Grafting twigs on an exposed area
  • Wrapping the wound in a synthetic material that promotes healing
  • Monitoring the bark’s recovery daily

If you’re unsure about what to do next for your tree, it never hurts to consult an expert. They understand all the subtleties of bark and bark types, as well as how to heal it properly.

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