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Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. They provide clean air, shade, and beauty to our surroundings. But, there are times when trees must be removed for various reasons such as disease, storm damage, or property encroachment. Expert tree removal services are necessary to ensure the safety of your property, the surrounding area, and the general public. 

At Eagerton Tree Service, we understand the importance of prompt and efficient tree removal services. We have been providing top-notch tree removal services in Northeast Florida since 2009. Our experienced arborists use the best equipment and techniques to remove any tree safely, regardless of its size or location. Contact us at (904) 823-3090 for a free, no-obligation quote! 


Signs and Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees face various environmental challenges that can cause them to deteriorate over time. Below are some signs that indicate it may be time to remove a tree from your property.

Dead or Dying Branches

If you notice dying or dead limbs on your tree, it could be a sign of disease or pest infestation. These branches can pose a safety hazard if they fall off and should be removed as soon as possible. If a significant portion of the tree is affected, it’s best to remove the entire tree.

Leaning or Cracked Trunk

A leaning tree can indicate an underlying root issue or structural damage. Hazardous trees need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent accidents and property damage.

Visible Fungi or Pest Infestations

Fungi growing on or around the base of your tree could be a sign of internal decay. Similarly, visible pest infestations can weaken and damage a tree beyond repair. In these cases, cutting the tree may be necessary to protect your property and other nearby trees.

Storm Damaged Trees

If a tree on your property has sustained severe damage due to extreme weather, it may need to be removed to prevent causing harm or further property damage.

Overgrowth Near Power Lines

Trees growing too close to power lines pose a risk of power outages and electrical hazards. Trees near power lines should only be removed by trained professionals to prevent accidents.

New Construction

If you plan on building a new structure or expanding your property, you may need to remove trees on the construction site. In addition, trees planted near buildings can cause damage to the foundation and pose a safety hazard.

New Landscaping Plans

If you plan to redesign your landscape, some trees may need to be removed to make room for new plants or structures. Consulting an arborist can help determine which trees must be removed and which can simply be trimmed.

Our Tree Removal Services

At Eagerton Tree Service, we prioritize safety, quality, and affordability in all our tree removal services. Here’s why you should hire us for your next tree removal project.

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Safety First

We follow strict safety protocols and industry standards to ensure the safety of our clients, their property, and our team. We don’t cut corners and prioritize safety in every step of the tree removal process. You can count on us to handle your tree removal project with utmost care and professionalism. We also have comprehensive insurance to protect you and your property in case of any unforeseen incidents.

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Certified Arborist

Don’t just trust anyone with your tree removal needs. Our team includes certified arborists with the necessary knowledge and training to remove trees safely. Our tree surgeons are knowledgeable on all aspects of tree removal. Why take a risk with an inexperienced service provider when you can trust the certified experts at Eagerton Tree Service?

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Affordable Prices

Eagerton Tree Service is where quality meets affordability. We offer reasonable prices and provide flexible payment terms to accommodate your budget. We also provide free, no-obligation estimates with no hidden costs or surprises. What we quote is what you pay, guaranteed. We are honest, transparent, and upfront with our rates.

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Trusted and Reputable

We have been in the tree removal business since 2009. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we take pride in the positive reviews and referrals from our satisfied clients. Our near-perfect average rating on Google reflects our commitment to customer service excellence. With Eagerton Tree Service, you can trust that your property is in good hands.

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Environmentally Conscious

We care about the environment and always aim to minimize our impact on nature during tree removal. Our team follows environmentally friendly practices and disposes of all debris responsibly. We promote tree preservation and will only remove a tree if necessary. We’ll exhaust all tree care and maintenance options before recommending tree removal.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in every aspect of our service. Our professional, courteous team always goes the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are proud to have a high rate of repeat clients who trust us for all their tree removal needs.

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Full-Service Company

Eagerton Tree Service offers a wide range of tree services, including tree pruning & trimming, stump removal, and emergency storm services. Our team is trained to remove mature trees, pine trees, palm trees, and more. We are a one-stop shop for all your tree care needs and serve both residential & commercial property owners.


Why Hire a Certified Tree Removal Professional

Hiring a reliable tree care company is crucial for the safety of your property and everyone around it.

Tree felling is a hazardous task that requires specialized equipment, knowledge, and skills. Attempting to remove a tree on your own or hiring an inexperienced service provider can result in accidents, property damage, or even death. You should never take any chances when it comes to tree removal. Saving a few bucks isn’t worth risking your safety or your property. The best way to ensure safe and effective tree removal is by hiring a certified company like Eagerton Tree Service. 

At Eagerton Tree Service, we have the necessary training, experience, and equipment to remove large trees safely and efficiently. We use a 116 ft crane with sliding boom to remove tall trees and those in tight spaces. Our team also uses specialized rigging techniques to lower large branches and tree trunks safely. Our decades of combined experience enable us to anticipate and mitigate any potential damage during the tree removal process. You can rely on us to get the job done without damaging your property or surrounding structures. 

Don’t put yourself, your loved ones, or your property at risk by attempting to cut a tree on your own. Trust only the certified professionals at Eagerton Tree Service. 

Eagerton Tree Service: Your Trusted Provider of Expert Tree Services in Northeast Florida

If you are searching for top-rated tree service companies in Jacksonville, FL, look no further than Eagerton Tree Service.

Don’t let a hazardous or unwanted tree ruin your property, compromise your safety, or burn a hole in your wallet. Eagerton Tree Service is here to help. Our certified tree masters are just a phone call away. Our competitive pricing, excellent service, and commitment to safety have made us a leader in the industry. We also offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service to resolve urgent situations like storm damage or fallen trees.  

When you choose Eagerton Tree Service, you are choosing the best tree removal company in Northeast Florida. We are not your average tree removal service – we are a team of certified arborists who put safety and customer satisfaction above everything else. As a locally owned company, we consider our clients an extension of our family. We will treat your Jacksonville home or business with the same care and attention we would give our own. We are your neighbors and take pride in providing our local community with professional, reliable, & affordable tree service. 

Contact us today at (904) 823-3090 and discover why Jacksonville, FL commercial and residential property owners trust Eagerton Tree Service for all their tree removal projects. 


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Why Choose Us

What Separates Eagerton Tree Service From All the Others?


Here's why Eagerton Tree Service is the top choice for tree care and removal in Northeast Florida.


A Tradition of Excellence

Since 1954, the “Eagerton Tree Service” brand has stood for quality service. We started as a plumbing contractor and expanded into tree services in 2009.


Specialized Equipment

Our fleet includes top-of-the-line bucket trucks, bobcats, cranes, boom trucks, dump trucks, and more.


Expert Tree Climbers

Our certified tree experts can climb and work on trees of any size, shape, or location while ensuring everyone's safety.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Eagerton Tree Service, we use the proper tools and equipment for the job to prevent property damage.


Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Eagerton Tree Service has worker’s compensation, $2 million in general liability, and a $5 million umbrella insurance policy.


Locally Owned & Operated Business

As a local business, we understand the needs of our community. We are dedicated to providing the best tree services to our neighbors.


Zero Property Impact

Our top-quality tree services include placing protective barriers, debris removal, thorough site cleanup, and more.


Highly Trained & Safety Conscious Workers

Our team undergoes rigorous training to keep their skills sharp. We also have a strict drug-free workplace policy to ensure the safety of our clients.


24-Hour Emergency Service

We provide 24-hour emergency services to help you deal with any tree-related crisis quickly and efficiently.

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