How To Repair a Cracked Tree Trunk in Jacksonville, FL?

When you notice cracks in a tree trunk, it’s never a good sign. Tree trunks generally should have sturdy bark; if you see a splitting tree with broken bark, you’re likely dealing with a dying tree. If you’re interested in learning more about how to repair a cracked tree trunk, consider the advice below from Eagerton Tree Service LLC, a trusted arborist in Jacksonville, FL

What Causes Split Trunks?

Saving a tree is very important, especially if the damage is human-caused. Split trunks are holes through the trunk or other similar concerns that make a crack large enough to be visible in a tree. These can turn into open areas for infection, endangering the tree and potentially leading to a hollow trunk. Split trunks have a number of causes, most by nature:

  • Frost/temperature change
  • Pest damage
  • Human damage
  • Lightning
  • Animal invasion

How To Repair a Cracked Tree Trunk

Learning how to repair a cracked tree trunk can be important to save the tree’s life. Cracks, bark wounds, and other openings are prime real estate for unfortunate happenings like infection, fungal growth, and insect infestations. If you’re wondering how to repair a cracked tree trunk, consider some of the following options.


Depending on the size of the tree’s wound, you can use steel rods to affix the trunk back into proper formation. By drilling three or so holes into the split section of your tree, you can use steel bolts to close the wound and solidify the tree with extra support. If you bolt your tree, use washers at the end of each bolt so that your fortification is that much more secure.

Attaching Broken Branches

Depending on the severity of the injury, broken branches can reattach. Obviously, if your branch is completely withered, there’s no hope that it can reform onto your tree. Since many open tree wounds stem from broken-off, sizable branches, try reaffixing a healthy branch by using duct tape.


Many tree repairs involve bracing the tree so it can receive support and heal on its own. Learning how to repair a cracked tree trunk involves understanding the basics of bracing with cable and a compatible tarp. To brace your tree, drive stakes against the weakest leaning area of your tree before tying cable and an environmentally safe tarp around the plant. 

Learn More From the Tree Experts

Now that you know all about how to repair a cracked tree trunk as a non-professional, why not call in the tree experts for some extra help? Eagerton Tree Service LLC can handle all of your tree issues and get a tree removal permit ahead of time so that your job is as quick as your call. You won’t need to buy tools or invest in training to learn about your trees — not when you have professionals like Eagerton Tree Service LLC on your case. To learn more about our services and schedule an appointment, call us at 904-823-3090.

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