How Long Can a Dead Tree Remain Standing in Jacksonville?

No trees live forever, but they can continue standing even after they’re dead. How long can a dead tree remain standing, though?

Some trees can continue standing for years after they die, but this depends on a lot of different factors. As your go-to certified tree service specialist in Jacksonville, Eagerton Tree Service, LLC, can tell you everything you need to know about dead tree standing time and the hazards of dead standing trees.

How Can You Tell If a Tree Is Dead in the First Place?

It’s not always obvious that you have a dead tree on your property. Here are some common signs of a dead or dying tree:

  • Dead branches: A tree with several dead branches is unhealthy and potentially dead. Dead tree branches don’t have any leaves, buds, or fruit. 
  • Damage to the trunk: Major damage to the tree’s trunk can ultimately kill it. You could have a dying tree if you notice large, verticle cracks in the trunk. 
  • Missing bark on the trunk: Missing some bark isn’t cause for concern, but if you notice that your tree is missing an abnormal amount, it could be a problem. 

The best way to confirm whether your tree is actually dying or dead is by contacting a professional arborist in Jacksonville. 

What Determines How Long a Tree Can Remain Standing After It Dies?

So, how long can a dead tree remain standing? Trees can keep standing for several years before they fall over, even when they’re dead. But this isn’t true for all trees, as a lot of factors can influence how long a tree remains standing.

The Surrounding Conditions

Dead trees can remain standing longer when they reside in drier regions. Why?

Humid areas like Jacksonville have a lot of moisture in the air. This moisture, combined with our warm weather, can turn dead trees into havens for pests and fungi, which hastens their decomposition. 

The Species of Tree

Some trees have denser trunks and wood than others, which means they won’t decay as fast. For example, oak and cedar trees are well-known for their incredible durability, even after death. These types of trees can stand much longer than other types, like pine trees, which have softer wood.

Other Deadwood Stability Factors

Things like the age of trees, the various dead tree decay stages, and the cause of death can impact how long trees continue standing after dying.

Reach Out to Eagerton Tree Service, LLC, When You Need To Remove a Tree in Jacksonville

How long can a dead tree remain standing? Predicting when a dead tree will fall is nearly impossible. That’s why it’s crucial to call professional arborists when you have a dead tree on your property or near your home. Eagerton Tree Service, LLC, proudly provides multiple professional tree care services. From taking care of the tree removal permit to considering the benefits of removing dead trees vs. wildlife habitat preservation, we can handle it all. Call (904) 823-3090 to schedule your service in Jacksonville, Florida. Learn more now.

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