Can You Overwater a Newly Planted Tree in Jacksonville, FL?

A newly planted tree needs sufficient water to establish its roots and begin a long and healthy life. In addition to the common concern about underwatering, you may wonder: Can you overwater a newly planted tree?  

As the go-to company for those seeking a certified arborist in Jacksonville, FL, the Eagerton Tree Service crew delves deeper into proper watering for newly planted trees.  

can you overwater a newly planted tree

How To Water a Newly Planted Tree 

A good watering schedule for newly planted trees considers the rainfall and the season or time of year. While you can avoid overwatering young trees, tree care after planting remains crucial. Remember to water deep, slowly, and often to saturate the entire root zone.   

Applying organic mulch at a depth of no more than two inches helps the soil hold more water and replenish its nutrients. Most tree care experts recommend using soakers or drip hoses for newly planted trees. Place them in concentric circles around the tree’s root zone and not too close to the trunk.  

You want to ensure water reaches the roots rather than the trunk because keeping the trunk consistently wet can invite disease, fungus, and other harmful pathogens.  

New Tree Watering Tips  

Can you overwater a newly planted tree? Your recently planted tree cannot survive without water. But too much water can harm its roots, cause stunted growth, and even death. So, it’s crucial to understand how much water your sapling needs.   

Different plants have varying water needs, but the following guidelines apply to most newly planted trees: 

The First Two Weeks  

To ensure optimal growth and health, irrigate the tree daily with two to three inches of water.  

Three to 12 Weeks After Planting  

Once a tree sprouts, it needs less water than a seedling. Reduce watering to every two to three days.  

After 12 Weeks  

By 12 weeks, trees have developed large root systems that can maintain water more efficiently. After 12 weeks, water the tree once a week until it establishes a solid root system. 

Factors Affecting the Frequency and Amount of Watering  

Several factors dictate your tree’s water requirements. For instance, trees in sandy soils require frequent watering because of the soil’s limited water retention capabilities. However, you should always watch for signs of overwatering in young trees. 

The weather or season matters as well. Extreme summer temperatures often increase a tree’s water requirements, while dormant seasons like fall and winter diminish that demand.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Can you overwater a newly planted tree? Yes, you can, but proper watering practices can help you avoid root rot and other issues related to overwatering. At Eagerton Tree Services, we combine decades of industry experience and modern technology to deliver superior tree care solutions.  

Our comprehensive tree services include:  

  • Tree trimming  
  • Tree removal and stump grinding  
  • Emergency tree services  
  • Commercial tree services  

Do you need assistance with obtaining a tree removal permit? We can help with that, too.  

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