How To Cut Down a Tree Between Two Houses in Green Cove Springs, FL

Like the ones adding southern charm to your Green Cove Springs home, trees provide the ideal spot for shade and shelter against the fiery Florida sun. They complete your landscape and improve air quality while increasing property value, but if planted in the wrong place, they prove more dangerous than beneficial. This is especially true in tight corners, causing many to ask how to cut down a tree between two houses. 

Cutting trees near houses can become hazardous without the proper tools and know-how. So, keep reading to uncover when to consider this task and the solutions you can expect from the professionals before calling a highly rated tree service in Green Cove Springs, FL

When Does a Tree Extraction Become Necessary?

Some residents can’t wait to eradicate dead or dying trees with discolored bark and absent leaves from their properties. Others may have healthy natural structures they value highly but have to remove for different reasons, which include the tree:

  • Growing too close to other structures
  • Limbs threatening power lines 
  • Roots lifting concrete slabs and entering underground piping
  • Having fungi or diseases that threaten its sturdiness
  • Leaning or having weak wood or a damaged root system
  • Blocking entryways, driveways, and other paths

How Do Arborists Go About Tree Extractions?

They use three primary methods for safely cutting down trees near structures. The option specialists choose usually depends on the available space and the tree’s height and width. It’s also contingent on what equipment they can maneuver around the tight location. 

Felling Trees Near Buildings

Arborists know how to cut down a tree between two houses by felling it if they have enough space or the tree isn’t too tall. After making two cuts on one side of the tree trunk and another cut on the opposite side, creating a hinge, the professionals control in which direction the tree falls. That way, it won’t hit other structures on its way down. 

Climbing With Rigs

However, tree removal in tight spaces, like when the houses sit too close together, makes this option problematic. Instead, arborists may start removing trees close to homes by climbing the structure, cutting off branches, and sectioning the trunk from the top down. That prevents large pieces from falling and allows for easier hauling away. 

Lifting the Tree With a Crane

However, if the space is too tight to get bucket trucks into, they’ll use a crane parked further out and attach cables to the trunk. This is the easiest method since a few jerks from the controls safely remove the tree between houses so the claw can take it to an open area for chopping up.

Eager To Help Our Green Cove Springs Neighbors!

How to cut down a tree between two houses is not something you learn on YouTube since it takes top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience. At Eagerton Tree Service, we offer this alongside other tree trimming and tree removal services and a zero-property-impact guarantee. So call (904) 823-3090 to request a free estimate!

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