How to Keep Trees Healthy on Your Green Cove Springs, FL, Property

Maintaining tree vitality supports the environment as well as enhances your property’s beauty. However, many people don’t know how to keep trees healthy to reap all of these benefits. The team at Eagerton Tree Service, LLC, a professional tree service in Green Cove Springs, FL, is here to provide expert tips for healthy trees. 

Common Causes of Tree Damage

Before we dive into basic tree care practices, it’s important to understand what causes tree health to decline. Environmental issues like excess moisture, drought, or lack of nutrient-rich soil can affect the roots and prevent healthy growth. In addition, soil compaction from driving cars or heavy machinery around the base of the tree can prohibit growth. 

Tree diseases and pest infestations also lead to tree decay if you don’t take proactive measures to safeguard your tree. 

Tree Maintenance Tips 

Learn how to keep trees healthy like a professional arborist with the following tips. Experts swear by these methods if you want to have vibrant, strong trees on your property. 

Apply Mulch

Since tree growth can halt because of a lack of nutrients and root damage, it’s important to place organic mulch around the base of the tree. This ensures that the vegetation doesn’t feel the harmful effects of overwatering or overfertilizing. It also protects surface roots from damage by yard equipment. 

Prune Overgrown Branches

Keep your tree’s branches uniform and neat with occasional pruning. Make sure you enlist a professional tree care company for the job since pruning incorrectly can stunt tree growth. This not only helps your tree remain healthy, but also improves your curb appeal. 

Select the Right Type of Tree

Some species of trees can’t thrive in certain environments. Plant a tree that’s suitable for your environment based on factors like climate and outdoor space.

Some trees develop large trunks and extensive roots but your yard might be too small to accommodate them. Others won’t grow in a hot, humid climate like Florida’s. Work with a certified arborist to narrow down the best options for you before planting a tree. 

The Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy

Ensuring tree well-being takes time and dedication but the payoff makes it worthwhile. Having healthy trees on your property comes with several environmental and personal benefits, including:

  • Increasing your property’s value
  • Lowering your energy costs
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Being a habitat for various wildlife

These benefits are only possible when you have healthy trees. Otherwise, they might not grow tall enough to shade your home or will become an eyesore on your property. Decaying trees can’t absorb carbon dioxide from the air to lower pollution levels and will attract pests rather than birds or other species. 

Schedule Professional Tree Health Maintenance with Eagerton Tree Service, LLC

Knowing how to keep trees healthy doesn’t always guarantee that issues like pests or diseases won’t infect your property’s trees. Reach out to Eagerton Tree Service, LLC, the top-rated tree service company serving Green Cove Springs, for assistance from experienced arborists. Connect with us online or call (904) 823-3090 to request a quote. 

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