If you are like most people, without a horticultural degree, it is very hard to know when to trim trees, plants and shrubs. It is also beneficial in knowing, of all the southern flora which ones will benefit the most from seasonal trimming. Two things one should remember if one is going to tackle the arduous task of plant trimming and that is when is the optimum time to trim and where does one make the cuts to promote the best results for growth. Seasonal trimming is a very important factor because one has to be careful when freezes are likely and when that early springs gives way to that one last, hard, freeze which can damage plants and shrubs if newly trimmed.

Different Types of Tree Pruning

Pruning is a process whereby branches, limbs and stalks are cut to promote new growth and add to the overall appearance and health of the plant. There are many different types and techniques of pruning such as:

  1. Selective Pruning which is defined as selecting specific branches to be cut back or removed. This is usually performed to promote growth and appearance.
  2. Heavy Tree Pruning or what is commonly referred to by an arborist as rejuvenation pruning and is a trimming or pruning process where overgrown, stalks, limbs, branches and older growths are trimmed back to promote new plant growth that will enrich the hardiness of the plant or tree. In shrubs this rejuvenation can be stimulated by a hard pruning or cutting the shrub off at a low height to allow it to grow rapidly.
  3. Full Pruning is a process by which plans and certain tall bushes are cut back relatively close to the trunk or stalk to promote a strong growth.
  4. Corrective Pruning removes branches and limbs that are decayed or damaged and, in many cases, involves just the tops of branches that have been affected by hard freezes. Many times, this type of pruning re-balances a tree, bush or shrub because of lopsided cutting or growth, making the tree or plant more attractive.
  5. Pinch Pruning is a process by which the topmost branches are trimmed by a small amount to encourage a fuller growth. This pruning process often times involves plants and small shrubs. One of the most famous examples of pinch pruning can be found in Japanese Bansi Trees.

When is the Best Time to Prune?

This is possibly the most critical question that needs to be addresses when considering pruning of any plants, shrubs or trees. Because we live in a climate that has a distinct change of seasons here in North Florida with temperature reaching over 100 in the summer and below freezing in the winter, one has to know when it is right to trim, prune or cut anything growing outdoors. According to experts like Jake Eagerton, of Eagerton Tree Service, we recommend trimming and pruning of plants and trees in late February and early March. This is the optimum time to provide these services because of the reduced risk of freezes that can take place after the tree pruning has been completed and exposing trees and shrubs to undue stress caused by these cold events. If you have missed that opportunity the next safe time to trim and prune is just after spring has come and most of the blooming as ceased, usually in late May, or early June. You’ll want to complete this pruning before our climate changes to very hot temperatures and lots of rain. Once the summer months have subsided usually in late to mid-October we perform some pruning before the winter weather sets in and a chance of a hard freeze might develop.

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