Beautiful Forests of the South

When most people think of Florida they think of swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches and warm sunny days. Unless you had visited the North Florida area you would be surprised to find that the topography is one of mostly forests. Mile after mile of thick forests cover most of the entire northern half of the Florida peninsula with indigenous pine, live and water oaks, bald cypress, southern red cedar, southern magnolia, just to name a few tree varieties and thick under brush with large tracks of land that have been cleared for agriculture and land development. So, in this climate of wood it is not surprising to find countless men and machines cutting, chopping, mulching, chipping and harnessing the environment as they seek out a living on the land. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida’s timberland ownership accounts for 15.4 million acres of timberland. Seventy-one % is held in private hands with another one% held by state and local municipalities and eleven % held by the US government. These timberlands support activities such as logging, lumber, veneer and panel manufacturing, paper and pulp manufacturing and forestry products accounting for over 17 billion dollars of revenue each year. Additionally, Florida’s commercial nurseries producing greenhouse products ranks second in the nation with revenues exceeding $900 million dollars in 2106. Even though these agricultural resources are out grown by the fruit and vegetables, field crops and livestock production Florida’s forests are in good hands and growing by the year.

Florida’s Forestry and Tree Surgeon Services

Due to this state’s out-growth of indigenous plant life and semi-tropical climate, Floridians enjoy a robust and health environment in which to grow flora providing shade and a natural habitat for our fauna. Wildlife is an abundant resource and the health of our plant life is its nutrients. Its no wonder that North Florida is filled with professional agriculturalist and tree surgeons with an interest in preserving what nature has added. There are factors that have a direct effect on these nature products such as climatic changes and the ever-present severe storms that spring up out of the Atlantic basin and cause destruction and havoc. Also, the warm climate and seasonal humidity breeds many diseases that if left to run their course could change the face of many of our wooded lands.

Who Can You Trust When It Comes to Tree Services?

Eagerton Tree Service, a local Jacksonville and Clay County tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, forestry mulching and 24-hour emergency service company, believes only experienced, licensed and insured tree horticulturalists make the best tree surgeons. Conserving trees and property is what Jake Eagerton and his team of experts are all about. Understanding what it means to be a property owner and concerned with leaving properties in better shape then when they were found is a Zero-property damage pledge commitment only from Eagerton Tree. Conventional methods of tree removal, of cut and drop is an un-preferred practice and does considerable damage to lawns, sidewalks and grounds. Eagerton Tree Service utilized a bucket and crane to safely remove, and trim trees leaving no damage to buildings and property. Give them a call today at 904-823-3090 for a free estimate. Affordable, reliable service from a name you can trust, service you can depend on.