What is a Zero-Damage to Property Pledge!

Some businessmen and homeowners have a legitimate concern about having tree work performed on their property because of the condition some tree service companies leave their lawns after the work has been completed. It is truly unfortunate that even some long-standing and reputable tree service companies take such little precaution in preventing the damage they cause when removing trees and shrubs. This, unfortunately, can be seen all over Jacksonville after trees have been removed and damage to lawns is ensued, caused by dropped limbs and tree trunks. Many times, the tree service company will even fill in the gaping holes, left in the lawns, with sawdust collected from the grinding up of the stumps. Wood chips from the chippers used to reduce the large limbs can sometimes be seen collected all over the lawn causing additional damage. Depending on the type of tree that was removed will usually determine the amount of general cleanup that has to take place to ensure your property does not sustain additional damage. Pine trees are especially acidic and their remnants can kill grass and adjacent garden areas to where the tree has been removed. All of this can be avoided if the tree service company has a zero-damage property policy and oversight of the workplace, to ensure none of these things happen while the trees are being taken down and removed. Eagerton Tree Service is one such, full-service tree company that takes the time to ensure that your property is left in better condition than it was before the work has been performed. A customer service zero-damage pledge is only as good as the company and employees committed to the practices of efficient tree services that are designed to protect properties from harm. While many companies try to clean up as best they can after a tree has been cut and removed, Eagerton Tree Service surveys the work required to ensure the clean up is limited to stump and wood removal.

What Else Should You Consider When Chosen a Tree Service Company

Besides leaving your property in perfect condition, when choosing a tree service company, one should consider the safety record and safety precautions a tree service company employs to keep workers safe. At Eagerton Tree Service we take protecting our greatest asset, our employees, very seriously. Tree work is a very dangerous occupation and keeping workers safe from harm and injury takes training and practicing proper tree removal techniques many companies don’t employ. First, we hire workers in a drug-free environment so the worry of workplace harm from drug use is eliminated. Second, our tree service training is second to none and journeymen go through a trial period before being able to perform certain types of tree removal tasks. Third, and most importantly, all our workers are equipped with state-of-the-art communication headsets and devices so everyone is in constant and direct communication with each other on the job site. This ensures that each worker is performing their specific job properly and everyone is actively engaged in the work at hand. One mistake could cost the life of an employee and that is a situation no one can afford. We also equip each tree surgeon with safety harnesses, hard hats and hazardous workplace clothing including proper suits and boots. Additionally, we have made a study of the safest tree removal practices and methods being employed today and this includes using the most up to date power equipment money can buy including cranes, boom and dump truck when necessary. Give Eagerton Tree Service a call at 904-823-3090 for a free site inspection and written estimate. Property pledge, customer satisfaction, and safety is our business.