One of the most important issues to consumers, homeowners and business owners today is having a trustworthy, affordable and competent tree service company available at a moment’s notice. Often times this is difficult to accomplish because most tree companies don’t invest in the training and certifications a specialized tree surgeon needs to work on a full range of tree and arborist services. With so many different types of tree services available in Jacksonville some only offer services like tree removal. Most of these companies are two men, a rope, a saw and a truck that offer cheap tree cutting. But removal is left up to the property owner. Many times, these so-called tree companies do more damage to the property because of the tree cutting techniques they employ by dropping large sections of the tree and limbs down to the ground. This happens because they do not have the right equipment to remove the tree safely and effectively. Owning and efficiently running a full-service tree service company, offering complete arborist services for a multitude of applications is an expensive proposition. Having the necessary tools, equipment, resources, and manpower with the experience and training able to properly troubleshooting a plant or tree issue and perform the right service is the challenge. Additionally, finding the right certified tree surgeons able to facilitate these kinds of specialized services is getting more and more difficult because many of these younger, trade-oriented adults are choosing clean services like computer repair and programming, over labor-intensive work. There is some generational succession, following in the footprint of their fathers but most of those individuals available are few and far between. No, finding the right full-service tree company with the right technicians that work on a complete array of tree and shrub services in Jacksonville is becoming harder and harder to find.

Enter Eagerton Tree Service

If you are looking for a competent, affordable and trustworthy full-service tree company, complete with on-premise owner’s oversight, look no further than Eagerton Tree Service in Jacksonville Florida. The Eagerton Family of Companies has been the service headquarters consumers have looked to for honest, reliable home and business services for over 50 years. Eagerton Tree Service started off as an alternative to unskilled, ill-trained tree climbers performing dangerous services with little or no training and not licensed or insured, protecting consumers from loss or insurance claims after the work has been completed. Jake Eagerton, owner/operator started Eagerton Tree with a formal training background in business education. Today, Eagerton Tree Service performs multiple horticultural services from land clearing and forestry mulching, tree trimming and pruning, and stump removal to 24-hour emergency tree removal. These unique product and custom tree service offerings are locally renowned, with customers given a zero-property damage pledge and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Eagerton Tree owns all its own equipment including cranes, dump trucks, bobcat, chipper, hauler and stump grinding removal machines. We take pride in the fact that we only employ the most up-to-date tree removal techniques, practiced by highly trained tree surgeons all equipped with modern communication devices and safety equipment. Our safety record is second to none. We also have a skilled and trained tree surgeon available 24-hours a day manning our phones to answer any of your questions, respond to any of your needs including 24-hour emergency service before, during, and after the storm. With hurricane season upon us, now more than ever is an important time to review your properties tree condition and infrastructure to ensue you don’t inherit a dangerous and avoidable situation. Large trees downed can produce a tremendous amount of damage to life and limb, property and dwellings. Eagerton Tree Service provides free, on-site reviews of your properties tree conditions and can take corrective action before the storm begins. We oversee a group of talented tree surgeons ready and able to diagnose and repair any issue your property is experiencing. Eagerton Tree Service has carved out a niche of services and satisfied customers who trust that their trees and fauna will receive the correct and recommended service at an affordable price. Give them a call at 904-823-3090 for an appointment. Visit our website @ EagertonTree.Com for a complete list of our services and qualifications.