What To Look for In A Tree Service Business

If you have been searching for the right tree service business to handle your tree and shrub trimming, pruning and removal there are a few things you should consider before making your choice. First and foremost, does the tree service company employ certified tree surgeons who have local fauna experience under their belt? Second, is the tree service company equipped to handle any type of tree service issue including 24-hour emergency tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, stump removal and forestry mulching and land clearing and large tree extraction? Third, is the owner/operator local to the business and have extensive customer service experience him or herself, to enable them to make the right decisions about employees, pricing, equipment purchases etc. Forth, does the tree service company have the capital to invest in a full line of equipment used in the removal, extraction, pruning, and mulching of trees including cranes, dump trucks, bobcats and chippers? Fifth does the tree service company only hire in a drug-free environment providing extensive training in safety initiatives using state-of-the-art communication devices on every job. To accurately describe the company, is it a full-service tree company with a safety track record, second to none. And sixth, does the tree service company have a loyal customer base with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a zero-damage property pledge. Above all, does the tree service company provide honest, dependable service and fair and competitive pricing on all its services.

What to Expect from a Reputable Tree Service Company

Many tree service companies of the past were two men and a truck climbing up trees and cutting them down using a method called cut, swing and drop. This was not only dangerous but also caused unnecessary damage to lawns and property, and sometimes life and limb. Their core business model was cutting trees and selling firewood for stoves. We still have many tree climbers arriving in our fair city, usually accompanying a severe storm where tree damage has occurred. These workers are in most cases from out of state, unlicensed to do business in Florida but, because there is work to be performed, they show up with their ropes, chainsaws, climbing boots and harnesses and offer cut-rate prices to perform work. They carry no insurance and if hired and are injured, the property owner is responsible for all of the injuries sustained. Homeowners should be aware that trying to save a few dollars on a tree project performed by unlicensed and un-insured workers could potentially cause them thousands of dollars in insurance claims and sometimes property damage as well. These so-called tree services also have limited equipment to chip and haul the limbs and tree stalks away so the debris field can be scattered all over the place; on lawns, driveways and in the road with claims that the city will collect the wood piles. Beware! Today, times have changed for most of us and homeowners are much more diligent in their selection of companies they let perform work on their property. They understand that anyone hired to perform any service needs to be licensed and insured and that the responsibility for the worker should be the companies hired, not theirs.

A reputable tree service company has its business grounded in horticultural intuitive’ s that preserve, protect and enhance the life of forests and trees. These companies usually employ trained experts that have the knowledge and experience to cut and remove dead, decayed and unwanted foliage often enhancing the general surroundings. This is all accomplished using state-of-the-art equipment and performed in a safe environment. Tree Service companies today rely on unique offerings that separate them from one another and specialize in services common to their industry. One such company serving the North Florida area is Eagerton Tree Service. Jake Eagerton, founder, owner/operator, grow up in the consumer services business so it was a natural progression for him when he started his own business to stay in a field, he had so much experience in. Eagerton Tree Service is a full-service tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning, forestry mulching company. Their unique product offerings start with a 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency service, manned by a tree surgeon that can answer your questions and take immediate, appropriate action on your behalf to secure property and individuals. Eagerton Tree Service also understands that the tree removal business can be quite dangerous to workers as well as property so every tree surgeon and assistant is hired in a drug-free environment, professionally trained to operate the equipment used and employs safety equipment to ensure this is accomplished in a hazard-free manner. Additionally, the company stands behind its work with a 100% customer service guarantee and provides a zero-property damage pledge, that they will leave your property in better condition than when they found it. Eagerton Tree Service performs all its own work including tree cutting and removal, using boom trucks and crane operations, chipping, debris removal and stump grinding, all at a price you can afford. Give Eagerton Tree Service a call today at 904-823-3090 for a free inspection of your project. Licensed and Insured.