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Tree Removal Service Jacksonville FL


When people think of the State of Florida they think of warm, sunny weather with sandy white beaches filled with light to moderate winds and gently rolling waves. Unless you have visited our beautiful state, especially the Central and Northern Florida parts, you would not expect to find a thick forest of cedar, pine, maple, magnolia, palm, and oak. North Florida is home to many different varieties of trees and plants and most of our properties and neighborhoods are filled with this indigenous flora. Many of these trees are large and mature, especially in the Jacksonville area. As the city developed its outward growth, first around the turn of the last century, and then directly after World War 2, many trees were planted to beautify the area. Live oaks, water oaks, southern pine, magnolia, and southern cedar made up the majority of these planted trees. Many of these species are still alive and thriving, having survived countless hurricanes and some major storm events with winds gusting to over 60 MPH during the fall and winter months. But aged trees need to be removed eventually due to age, damage, and decay. You can see them all around our beautiful city, in St. Nicholas, San Marco, Avondale, Riverside, Ortega, Edgewood, Westside, Downtown, Mandarin, and the Southside.

If you are looking for a reliable tree service with experienced tree surgeons to remove damaged, fallen or decaying trees, look no further. Eagerton Tree Service is a trusted name in tree removal in Jacksonville. We understand that as a property owner your first concern is safety, for your home, your property and family. If you have a broken, damaged, decaying or fallen tree, you want a tree removal service that will leave Zero-Damage to your Property, and accomplish that at a fair price that will not break your bank account.

Why Choose Our Custom Tree Surgeons Jacksonville FL

Now that you have found us what is the next step. Please give us a call at 904-823-3090 so that one of our expert tree surgeons can visit your home or business and properly assess the project and give you a free written estimate of the work that needs to be performed. We know, if you are like most people, you want a quality job completed at the lowest possible price. Just remember not all tree service companies are equal. Someone can show up at your home or place of business with some ropes and a couple of chain saws and attempt to complete your work and try and offer you a better price. Be careful. Make sure whoever you hire is fully licensed and insured so that if an accident happens or a mistake is made you don’t end up paying for it and it costing you thousands of dollars. We see it all the time… tree removal jobs half completed and commitments not fulfilled. See why thousands of customers have chosen Eagerton Tree Service as their only tree service provider. We have been removing, trimming, pruning, chipping, and grinding our way into the hearts of our customers and trusted to work on their property for many years. As a trusted partner we stand behind the work we perform and plan on having many more years providing tree service to a whole new host of satisfied customers.

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Tree Service Jacksonville FL


The most important factor when dealing with a fallen, broken or dying tree is that your family and property is protected from any further damage the tree might cause. Eagerton Tree Service makes safety its first and primary concern when providing tree services. We have invested in state-of-the-art modern technology to ensure our workers are protected and the services we render are secure. Having the proper equipment and the knowhow to use it is paramount to a safe and successful tree extraction. All our tree surgeons are experienced climbers and removers and are equipped with proper clothing, hardhats and two-way communication Bluetooth devices so we can communicate with everyone on the project at all times. This reduces the need for shouting instructions that might not be heard correctly putting men, equipment and property in harm’s way.


At Eagerton Tree Service we have invested in many pieces of equipment including a 116 ft crane complete with sliding boom to be able to remove trees of great height safely and efficiently. We have trackless, all-wheel-steering Bobcats that can forestry mulch large tracks of land without damaging the surface. We also have an additional array of vehicles including dump trucks for hauling, chippers for eliminating limbs and branches and stump grinders for finishing. All our tree surgeons are experienced climbers and removers and are equipped with two-way communication Bluetooth devices so we can communicate with everyone on the project at all times.


At Eagerton Tree Service we not only think about safety but liability as well. If a tree falls and injuries one of our workers on your property, you the home owner are completely covered. We carry full insurance policies on all our employees, worker compensation and because we have created a safety plan and are a drug-free workplace we conform to the latest OSHA standards for safety. Additionally, we never put an untrained man on a job. We have a journeymen and mentoring program that ensures all our employees are cross-trained to accomplish any job needed. We pride ourselves on hiring only the best tree surgeons and most have been with us from the beginning of our company creation. Years of experience and accomplished job performance is the key to our success.


Eagerton Tree Service is a company founded on sound principles of business and that includes creating a workplace environment that is free of favoritism and harassment. As managers of a business we believe that the fundamental principle that guides all successful businesses is creating a good work environment where workers enjoy what they do and make good money in their job to support their families and needs. We also love working outdoors and we love working with trees, shrubs, plants and enhancing yards and properties. Providing a service that is both warranted and necessary to protect people’s families and homes is a very rewarding job. We take that responsible very seriously and we even hate removing a tree unless there is no other way to save them. Having the knowledge, skill, equipment and knowhow is fundamental to our livelihood and the service we provide to the community and the people that live in it.


We believe that leaving your property in better condition than when we found it is fundamental in the services we provide and that’s what separates Eagerton Tree Service from all the other tree companies here in North Florida. We can’t stress enough that even the smallest jobs deserve the attention to detail that a larger, more expensive job gets. Its not the size of the job that counts it’s the quality of the work performed to complete whatever size job is required. But to accomplish a Zero-property damage commitment a tree service has to have the right equipment and the knowhow to use it. At Eagerton Tree Service we have invested in and purchased the right equipment using bucket trucks, cranes, heavy hauling trucks and other vehicles needed to complete the task. We will not damage your property as a result of removing a tree. If the tree is in a difficult place we will use protective cover in order to make sure we can accomplish zero-damage. Our process is to remove the tree in stages from the top to the stump. This lessens the opportunity for any damage to occur. We have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with power lines, building structures in close proximity, driveways and other closely growing trees, to remove only what is desired with no physical damage to surroundings.

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