Its June again and with all the hot weather we have already experienced, the forecast for the coming months is continued warm with very hot temperatures many days above 95*. Nothing has a greater effect on Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin than extremely warm surface water temperatures and this year’s shaping up to be a very active season for the Southeastern U.S. continent. Besides hurricanes, Florida experiences many rainy days during the summer months with thunderheads and wind events that can cause severe damage. Many times, violent storms do not make a direct hit on our coastal areas but the winds they produce from the large storm fields are enough to cause significant damage especially to trees whose roots and ground area have already been saturated from rain. Preparing for storms, especially of hurricane strength, starts first with reviewing a properties damage susceptibility to down limbs and trees. The infrastructure of our vast network of forests in North Florida makes home and business owners alike very vulnerable to damage caused by diseased, dying, damaged, decayed and overgrown trees and the proactive choice is to have a professional tree service company inspect your trees for potential problems. Now is the best time, before the storms hit, to have a free on-the-property inspection done by one of North Florida’s most successful and competent tree service companies Eagerton Tree Service. Continuing the long line of Eagerton service traditions, Eagerton Tree Service is a full-service, horticultural tree inspection, removal, tree trimming and pruning company employing only the most up-to-date techniques. With a full array of tree removal equipment including crane, dump, chipper, and forestry mulching machinery, Eagerton Tree Service is ready and capable of tackling any size job. Employing only the most competent custom tree surgeons, whose knowledge and experience far exceeds their competitors, practicing the most modern safety techniques. Many professional tree services don’t offer a zero-property damage pledge and many property owners are left repairing the ground, lawn and sometimes sprinklers due to careless and ill practiced tree removal techniques. Not Eagerton Tree. They have written the book on providing tree, plant, shrub and land clearing services without harming the environment or your property.

Call Before the Storm Hits, You Might Not Be Able Too Afterwards

If you suspect that your property has a tree that might be damaged or have decay, waiting until after the storm passes might not be in your best interest. Often, storms are nature’s way of clearing out overgrown, dead or decaying trees and unfortunately, they don’t always fall in a forest or in an open field. Most hurricane damage, besides coastal flooding, is due largely to excessive winds causing down trees, falling on powerlines and structures. These issues could be avoided by a proactive approach to identifying and then removing the dangerous trees before they can cause significant damage. In the event that a tree falls and becomes a hazard, Eagerton Tree Service offers a 24-Hour, 7-days a week emergency tree service and we always have an expert tree surgeon on call, 24-hours a day to answer our phones and your questions and concerns. This is what makes us unique among tree service companies. Fast, emergency service when you need us the most, performed by expert tree technicians all at an affordable price. Give us a call today at 904-823-3090 for a free, no-obligation estimate before the storms hit and your homeowners or business insurance policy comes into play.  Visit us on the web at EagertonTree.Com for a complete list of our services and experience. Eagerton Tree Service. A Name you can Trust, Service you can Rely on.