It’s that time of the year again for completing projects started with your best intentions, but never quite finished. New Year’s resolutions can take on many forms. Some are personal in nature, like going on a diet, eating the right foods or cutting something out that you know is not good for you. Stop smoking tobacco or drinking too much alcohol is always a good place to start, but what about making resolutions that are both good for your health and one which is good for the environment. Maybe something that is long overdue and in need of immediate attention. At Eagerton Tree Service we can’t help you get healthy but we can help you live in a healthier environment. We specialize in getting your yard, commercial property or municipal landscape in shape for spring which is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. We are licensed and insured professional tree surgeons and horticulturalists, that believe saving something is as important as cutting it down and hauling it away. Helping something grow to its fullest potential is a very rewarding occupation. But sometimes that means cutting back limbs and airing out overgrown foliage to allow light in and promote healthy growth. It can also mean reevaluating the condition of a tree or shrub for pruning, trimming or removal and the optimum time of the year to accomplish it.

Eagerton Tree Service is an affordable and reliable tree trimming and tree removal company. We employ state of the art removal and trimming techniques and advanced horticultural processes when it comes to promoting optimum plant growth. As knowledgeable tree experts we are familiar with every kind of tree, shrub and plant growing in North Florida and South Georgia. Our skilled tree technicians have special training in scaling and inspecting all areas of the tree, including its superstructure and upper branches. We also offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service and are just a phone call away when you need our help the most.

North Florida and South Georgia areas are visited by many different kinds of inclement weather patterns including hurricanes, fast moving fronts and drastic climate changes. These storms take their toll on weakened tree limbs and decayed branches causing unsafe conditions at a moments notice. Eagerton Tree Service is available with a complete line of equipment including, cranes, bucket trucks, chippers, dump removal trucks, bobcats and stump grinders all offered to give your property a fast, efficient cleanup. We employ the most advanced tree removal technology so that we are able to offer you a zero-property damage pledge and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Any company who strives for a 100% customer satisfaction rating is able to determine how well they are doing and we take pride in our referrals and return clientele. Before you hire any legitimate tree service company make sure to ask about their credentials, licensing, insurance and service pledges. Call Eagerton Tree Service at 904-823-3090 for a free, on site consultation.  Please visit our website to review our services and credentials. A Name Your Can Trust, Service You Can Rely On.