Most professional tree service companies perform specific tasks for home and property owners including, tree and plant enrichment services, disease detection and elimination and tree extraction and removal services. Enrichment programs such as trimming and pruning are designed to promote healthy tree and shrub growth. Tree extraction and removal services are used to remove, beyond recovery, damaged and decayed trees and enhance landscape and property values. Decayed and diseased tree services is the more specialized field and not all tree service companies are equipped to handle these types of issues.

One of the main reasons to seek out a qualified and experienced Custom tree surgeon, if you suspect your property has trees that are diseased, is that not all plant and fauna illnesses are fatal. Many common tree ailments are easily remedied by expert hands if they have the knowledge and experience to detect and solve the problem. One of the most important steps in caring for trees is having an early detecting and prevention method to avoid further damage and stem diseases spreading to other trees. Decayed and diseased trees also pose additional risks including the potential of falling trunks and branches that can cause damage to structures, personal injury to body and limb and sometimes even death. If you notice or suspect that you have an infected tree you need to contact the professionals at Eagerton Tree Service. They have expert tree surgeons ready to handle any tree ailments, many of which are common to the North Florida, South Georgia area.

Beware of Cheap Tree Services Performed by Inexperienced Workers

Not all tree service companies are equal in the services they provide and the prices they charge. Many tree companies only cut and drop trees and many are not even skilled in doing that job safely and without property damage. Most of these companies do not have the means or equipment to haul away the debris created by large trees. Branch, trunk and large limb removal will have to be performed by the county and damage to property left by these debris’ fields can be substantial. Hiring inexperienced tree climbers who by rope and swing practices cut down trees is a dangerous proposition. These so-called tree companies many times employ unskilled, uninsured workers and if an injury does occur on your property you could be held responsible. Many a homeowner have incurred higher-priced homeowner’s insurance because of injury claims made by uninsured workers hired to perform dangerous jobs on their property. And the cutting and taking down of large trees can sometimes be the most dangerous tasks ever performed on your property. If an uninsured worker hired by you falls and injures themselves you can be held responsible for their loss of income, current and future medical bills and even be sued by survivors if death occurs.

Emergency Tree Service Near You

If you are in need of an emergency tree service because of a fallen tree or downed limb causing a dangerous condition, you might be in for a surprise what companies are available and who isn’t. Emergency tree services are usually provided by only a hand full of companies equipped to handle your call.  At Eagerton Tree Service we are proud to provide 24-hour emergency tree service. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by an experienced tree surgeon ready to answer your questions and handle your issue immediately if the situation warrants it. We have been known to go out in all kinds of weather, even during major storm events to cover and sure-up roofs and make safe fallen tree conditions until daylight comes and the trees can be removed safely. 24-hour service means just that. A trained professional ready to help you through what the storm has created at any time day or night. Give Eagerton Tree Service a call today for a free, no-obligation tree project review and written estimate. Call us at 904-823-3090. Visit our website at EagertonTree.Com for a complete list of our services and credentials.