Most Jacksonville homeowners don’t really know when is the best time for their trees, bushes, and shrubs to be trimmed and pruned to give them the best chance for growth and survival. Many questions abound about when certain plants and trees are at their optimum growth cycle for trimming, pruning and shaping. Is it too late in the year to trim and can we sustain damage from frost and freezing temperatures? Is it too early in the spring to cut plants back after a hard-fought winter season that might have already taken place? The answer to these and many other questions about tree trimming and pruning depends upon many factors including, the age, maturity, growth cycle, time of year, type of plant, tree or shrub and many other factors. At Eagerton Tree Service we take pride in having the knowledge about all types of indigenous plants and trees growing in the North and North Central part of the state of Florida. The first thing one must understand is why it is important to cut, trim and clip or prune, as some would call it, those different varieties of foliage. Specifically, removing stems or branches that are dead, damaged or possibly diseased benefits the whole structure of the plant or tree. One, it promotes the healthy parts of the living organism and secondly, dead or dying branches are susceptible to insects like ants and decay organisms that can invade and kill a whole tree. Additionally, allowing more air to flow and sunlight to enter actually helps the tree thrive.

At Eagerton Tree Service we believe knowledge is golden and below are a few reasons why it is important for homeowners and managers of properties to understand what we call “healthy tree management” and what they should be aware of:

  1. Besides the obvious value to properties of aesthetic quality and beauty, having a yard full of healthy trees and plants will increase the value of your property and seasonal pruning and tree trimming is an important part of that process. Tree trimming and pruning will also extend the life and health of the tree or shrub.
  2. Dead or decaying branches, limbs, and even whole “rotting” trees are sometimes not recognized or detected and present a danger causing injury and even death not to mention damage to property and structures. This hazard is made even more dangerous during high wind and storm events. Sometimes even the slightest breeze can dislodge a branch or limb presenting a danger. “Widow maker” is a term commonly used to describe a hanging limb that at some point will fall to the ground. Expert tree companies like Eagerton Tree Service are very experienced in recognizing dead or decaying limbs and trimming out only what needs to be removed.
  3.  Trimming actually helps the tree grow more rapidly and allows the tree to become healthier increasing root structures, strengthening branches and the tree body as a whole.
  4. Fruit and flower production is increased when dead or decayed limbs are removed. Pruning certain trees actually promote fruit production and encourages what is commonly referred to as the “growth of spurs”. Additional branches that spring up and come to life.
  5. And last, but certainly, not least is a subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention but should. Tree trimming often occurs because of the tree’s close proximity to power lines, structures or trimmed to enhance sunlight on lawns or even the view. This trimming, if not properly exercised can cause a whole host of problems including poor weight distribution, lopsidedness, and even present a possible hazard of the tree dying, falling or decaying prematurely. Only an expert tree trimming company like Eagerton Tree Service, with years of experienced tree surgeons, who are properly trained to trim and protect these trees should be involved in this process. We see it all the time. Trees that are not properly trimmed, dying or falling because of improper “Tree trimming management”. This is a very important function, of making sure the tree is not damaged when trimmed and the life span is not “cut” short.

Why Should You Consider Eagerton Tree Service for your next Tree Trimming Project?

Proper maintenance of your trees is a very important part of the environment and the value of your property as a whole. At Eagerton Tree Service we understand the relationship that trees play in our life, how they bring beauty and functionality to our planet and the role they were ultimately designed to fulfill. Being responsible for the health and well-being of trees, plants, shrubs, and all flora is a responsibility we here at Eagerton Tree Service take very seriously. We are not “tree huggers” but we are “tree lovers” and like all living things we treat trees with the respect they deserve. All you have to do is be summoned to repair a tree limb on a tree that is over 250 years old, to get an idea what a responsibility proper tree management is really all about. Eagerton Tree Service is an experienced tree maintenance business with trained technicians available 24 hours a day. We service most of Duval and Clay County. Our services include, tree removal, tree trimming, seasonal pruning, forestry mulching, stump grinding, debris removal, crane and trackless bobcat service and emergency tree removal service. We are licensed and insured and have a safety record and customer service approval rating, second to none. Give us a call at 904-823-3090 for a free written estimate or visit other parts of our website to review our qualifications and additional services. We enjoy what we do and you will enjoy working with us. For a zero-property damage experience and a job well done, at a price you can afford Eagerton Tree Service is your one-source tree service company.