If you are concerned about the health and well-being of your fauna, plants, shrubs, and trees then you need to be aware of the most common tree and plant diseases affecting species in the North Florida and South Georgia areas. Many of these diseases, if detected early enough and treated by a professional tree arborist or surgeon are curable. Eagerton Tree Service, a Jacksonville tree service company specializing in the early detection and treatment of all types of common and uncommon tree and plant diseases. Our highly trained tree surgeons have years of experience working with products eradicating these types of tree, shrub and plant diseases, many listed below. We have included the nine most common tree and plant diseases and types of insects infesting trees and shrubs. If left undetected and untreated, these issues can spread, damaging adjacent healthy plants and trees in the process.

  1. Witch’s Broom- Witch’s broom or witches’ broom is a woody plant deformity where the natural structure of the tree creates a dense mass of shoots that grows from a single point. The tree structure thus resembles a whiskey broom or bird’s nest appearance.
  2. Canker plant disease- Canker is caused by many different species of bacteria and fungi. Symptoms include round-to-irregular swollen, sunken, cracked, flattened or discolored areas on stems, branches, limbs, or tree trunks.
  3. Leaf Spot- Leaf spots are round blemishes found on leaves caused by parasitic fungi or bacteria causing many to grow together and become a blight on the leaves.
  4. Leaf Rust- Sometimes called wheat leaf rust is a fungal disease that develops orange and reddish spots on tree leaves. Named apply because it affects wheat, barley and rye, grains and tree leaves.
  5. Crown Gall Disease- A common plant disease caused by a soil-borne bacterium. It usually occurs on woody shrubs and plants, especially roses.
  6. Fire Blight- A destructive and contagious disease affecting fruit trees in our local area with the look of a dark brown to black affected area on leaves, branches, limbs, and even blossoms. The cankers emit a sticky bacterial ooze.
  7. Powdery Mildew- A disease that appears on the leaves of trees and looks like white powdery mildew.
  8. Japanese Beetle- Considered the most devastating insect to plant life in North Florida and South Georgia. Copper-colored with a greenish head.
  9. Bagworm Moth- A non-poisonous bug that lives on plant leaves.

Many of these diseases and bug infestations can not only damage and kill plant life and trees but can spread to adjacent trees and cause substantial damage over time. Diseased trees can be a hazard to life, limb, and structures if not properly treated or removed. Tree structures that have been compromised by any of these diseases are vulnerable to breaking, cracking, splitting or falling. With the presence of coastal storms that produce high winds, torrential rainfall, and even excessive leaf canopies these diseased trees can quickly become a problem. If a tree falls on your house or commercial building due to any of these types of storm-related problems your insurance company will assist in paying for their removal and even damage that might have occurred. But if a tree falls because of diseased, dead or decaying trunks, limbs or other tree structures, the property owner might be held responsible for removal and repairs. This is why it is so important to conduct a routine inspection of your property every few years to determine if any diseases or insects are present. 

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