Experienced tree trimming and tree removal companies all have different processes and techniques to remove dead limbs and trees. Some believe it is just easier to cut the tree down, then to try and save it. These types of tree removal services are interested in the task performance of removal, not conservation. Other, more experienced tree service companies employ tree surgeons who can evaluate the condition of the tree and determine what can be saved and what can’t. Tree trimming itself is an art that very few tree services are really good at. Most trimming is performed to help the tree flourish and promote healthy growth. At the same time many homeowners want their large trees trimmed to open up the space and bring more-light down to ground level. This allows grass to grow and exposes the house in many cases, giving a better overall affect to the property.  How much to cut and how much to leave on each limb trimmed is a talent that not only enhances the look but the life of the tree as well. Jacksonville is home to many indigenous species of trees that are susceptible to disease and decay. Among the most popular trees that line our beautiful streets and yards are oaks; live and water, pine, magnolia, cedar, dogwoods and palms. Many homeowners don’t know when their trees are infected until it is too late to perform preventative maintenance. Having a tree service inspection by a competent expert can not only save you money but the tree as well. Most tree service companies will come out at no charge and inspect your trees to determine what course of action needs to be taken.

When is the Best Time to Inspect Trees?

Between late fall and early spring is the best time to inspect the condition of your trees and shrubs. When the tree becomes bare of leaves it is easier to inspect the limbs and upper trunks. Professional arborists like Eagerton Tree Service know that when the tree is dormant, any apparent damage will be easier to detect and a plan of action can be devised to thwart the disease or rectify the damage. Additionally, when plants and trees are dormant that is the optimum time to prune and trim. According to Jake Eagerton, owner and operator of Eagerton Tree Service, “we like to pick a dry day and walk the property looking at all the trees and shrubs from different angles. This gives our expert tree surgeons an idea of what stress the tree might be going through or what visible damage the tree has sustained”. What do we look at to determine the evidence of disease or stress?

First Things First…

The most obvious place to start on most trees is an inspection of the bark. Darker places on the bark indicate that the bark is holding moisture. If there is a trail stain from above this indicates sap is flowing from a wound sustained. Additionally, yellow or white colors on most tree bark indicates that the tree may have contracted a fungus and could be rotting within. We also look to see if the bark is consistent around the whole trunk or are their unusual growths, splitting of the bark or shaped bumps growing outward? These can all be signs of trouble for the tree ahead.

Because of the high winds that accompany most fall and winter storms here in North Florida, cracking or splitting limbs, trunks or even large areas of bark can weaken a tree and cause stress and compromise their structure. These conditions can also allow water to enter the tree and cause significant damage.

Something we see a lot of according to Jake, are sprouts popping up in any area of the tree trunk and at joints of the tree. These sprouts indicate wounds sustained and further stress the tree’s eco-system.

And last, but certainly not least, are the condition of the joints of the tree. These joints are the intersection of the branches meeting the tree trunk. An inspection of these places will determine if the limbs have sustained any damage or have contracted any diseases, are too heavy for the tree and need supporting or if this is an area where these limbs could sustain damage in a storm or high wind event.

Why Choose Eagerton Tree Service?

Certified, Professional Tree Surgeons are important to employ when evaluating the condition of any tree for trimming or removal. Eagerton Tree Service is a professional, affordable, tree removal and tree trimming and pruning company. We employ licensed and knowledgeable tree experts that are familiar with every kind of tree growing in the North Florida and South Georgia area. Each technician operates in a drug-free environment and has special training in climbing and inspecting the entire tree including its upper branches. We are insured and have a zero-property damage pledge that we will leave your property in the same condition we found it in. Our customer satisfaction rating is our most important gauge to determine how well we are doing and we pride ourselves on our return clientele. Before you hire a tree service to perform any task, ask about their credentials, insurance and licensing. Give Eagerton Tree Service a call at 904-823-3090 for a free consultation and inspection.  Visit our website for a complete listing of our services and credentials at https://eagertontree.com.