It’s that time of year again, the holidays filled with family, laughter and of course that once a year Christmas tree purchase. Years ago, many Christmas celebrators actually when out into the forest and cut down their own Christmas or yuletide tree. In the age of buying someone else’s Christmas trees, at a Christmas tree farm or stand, the trees were cut and sold exactly as they had grown and it was up to the actually buyer of the tree to trim the extra branches and long branches of the tree to give it its refined look and shape. That is where the phrase “trimming the tree” came from.  But in today’s world the Christmas tree growers cut, trim and shape their Christmas trees. This makes the trees more attractive and easier to sell. When someone purchases a freshly cut holiday tree today it looks the way it does because it has been professionally trimmed, balanced and shaped during its growing cycle. Only well balanced and shapely trees are cut and shipped to market. That old saying of “trimming the Christmas tree” has taken on a new meaning in today’s modern world. Decorating and adorning the tree with lights, bulbs, garland, family and cherished heirlooms and of course an angel or star on top, is not only our way of “trimming the tree” but adds to the look and feel of Christmas trees as we know them today. There are many different types of Christmas trees being grown for market in the United States in fact there are actually 16 different Christmas tree varieties being sold on Christmas tree lots all over America. Chief among them and the most popular Christmas trees being purchased, are out of the Fir family of trees. Fraser, Balsam, Canaan, Douglas, Grand, Noble, Concolor or White Firs make up the majority of Fir trees developed for Christmas trees. The next most popular family of trees comes out of the Pine family such as Scotch Pine, Virginia and White. Spruce trees are also popular in some parts of the country including Blue, Norway and White. Cypress trees are also included such as Leyland and Arizona Cypress and to top off the list even Red Cedar trees are decorated and used during Christmas time. 16 in all, sold in various parts of the country, with local customs and availability dictating where each of these specimens go. In Jacksonville the most popular Christmas tree variety are Fir trees with Fraser Firs topping the list.

Year-Round Trimming and Professional Tree Services

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