Jacksonville property owners, both business and home don’t know when is the optimum time for their trees and shrubs to be pruned and trimmed for them to achieve the best growth possible. Questions about when specific plants and trees are within their optimum growth cycle for trimming or pruning are usually only answered by professional tree surgeons. When is it late in the year to perform trimming and can trees be damaged by rising temperatures if this service is performed too late? Is it too early to cut plants that are in bloom only to find the pollination has been affected? The answer to these questions concerning pruning and trimming can depend on many factors including, the tree age, growth cycle, type of tree or plant and other factors. Eagerton Tree Service takes pride in having the experience and knowledge about trimming and pruning methods and specifically about cutting back indigenous trees and plants growing in the Northern part of the state. One needs to understand the importance of trimming different varieties of plants and trees and the when, and how is also important according to Eagerton’s owner, Jake Eagerton. “Removing branches that have died, damaged or diseased actually benefits the whole tree structure. It promotes healthy growth and removes branches that are susceptible to insects and decaying organisms. These can invade and destroy part of or kill the whole tree. Tree trimming also allows more air to flow through the tree structure and beneficial sunlight to enter, which of course promotes tree growth”.

The experts at Eagerton Tree Service believe knowledge is the most important ingredient and here are a few helpful tips on why it is important to understand healthy tree management.

  1. Aesthetic quality and beauty, actually adds value to your property. A yard full of healthy plants and trees increases to eco-system and trimming and pruning is an integral part of that process extending tree life.
  2. Many times, decaying or dead branches and limbs are simply not identified, causing structural issues. These can turn deadly in a storm or high-wind event. Widow Makers as they are called can damage property, kill or maim individuals. Eagerton Tree Surgeons are experts in identifying and removing these hazards before they can enact their harm.
  3. Pruning and trimming help trees grow more uninformedly and rapid growth increases the healthier structures, strengthening the tree as a whole.
  4. Increased production of fruit and flowers happens when dead limbs are removed. Pruning many trees promotes this production and creates growth of spurs.
  5. Trees that are trimmed and pruned properly can also help lawns and other plants to grow and flourish because of the increased sunlight exposure and access to water. The experts at Eagerton Tree Service have years of experience and are properly trained to protect trees and fulfill this necessary service. Improper tree trimming can not only damage a plant but cut its very life span short.

Considering Eagerton Tree Service for all your Tree Trimming Projects

Trees are very sturdy, but poor maintenance can diminish a trees healthy property, which is a very important part of the plant as a whole. Eagerton Tree Service understands the relationship that trees play on our planet and protecting and promoting them is our goal. The responsibility for the health and well-being of trees is all our responsibility, but we here at Eagerton Tree Service make our living at it. Eagerton Tree Service is a highly experienced tree maintenance business, with trained tree surgeons that are available 24 hours a day. Servicing most of Duval and Clay County with tree trimming, pruning, removal, forestry mulching, stump grinding, and debris removal. Eagerton Tree Service employs its own crane and trackless bobcats to protect your property, life, and limb. We also provide 24 hours, 7 days a week emergency tree removal service. Licensed and insured with a safety record and customer service rating second to none. Give us a call at 904-823-3090 for a free written estimate or visit our website and review our qualifications and additional services. Zero-property damage pledge and a price you can afford.  Eagerton Tree Service. A name you can trust, service you can rely on.