Commercial and Residential Tree Removal

If you have a decayed, broken, damaged, unsafe or unwanted tree that needs removal from your commercial or residential property you need the professional services of a qualified tree removal company. Many times, trees in the North Florida area, especially oak, grow for such a long period of time and become so large that they fall victim to high winds or disease. Many of these hardy specimens are the first to succumb to problems when storms arrive making their removal warranted. Other tree varieties are also vulnerable to climatic changes due to their close proximity to coastal areas making them highly susceptible to storm damage. When choosing a qualified custom tree surgeon, it is important to consider the tree companies qualifications and services and choices made should not be left up to price alone. Eagerton Tree Service is a highly qualified tree removal, tree trimming and tree assessment company employing professionally trained and skilled tree surgeons capable of removing any tree, of any size, in any condition from any position. Determining the best course of action of any tree removal starts with a professional and thorough assessment of the trees condition to determine whether salvage or removal is in the plants best interest. Sometimes proper trimming and pruning can save a tree that otherwise would be left for dead and removed. But only highly qualified and trained tree surgeons can determine which course of action to take. Licensed, insured, and skilled tree removal specialists are the only ones qualified to perform the dangerous task of tree removal and only use the right equipment to accomplish the task. At Eagerton Tree Service we only employ the most up-to-date tree service techniques, using the most advanced safety procedures and the newest and best-maintained equipment available. We own all our own cranes, bobcats, chippers, dump and removal trucks, grinders and employ only the most modern and sophisticated tree climbing procedures and removal techniques available.

We remove trees for a variety of reasons and removal is accomplished as the last resort but there are numerous situations that eliminating a tree is essential.   

What Tree Removal Services are Necessary?

Eagerton Tree Service will remove trees for a variety of reasons and they include:

  • Downed or Severely Damaged
  • Diseased or Rotted Trunks
  • Decayed or Disrupted Root Systems
  • Land Clearing
  • Construction Purposes
  • To Eliminating Bundling or Encroaching Trees
  • Upheaval of Soil and Root Systems
  • Excessive Leaning without correction
  • Excessive Internal Decay
  • Hazardous Tree Conditions
  • Tree Position to Buildings
  • Personal Preference
  • Invasive Species of Trees
  • Diseased or Contaminated Tree Structures

Alternatives to Tree Removal

Many property owners would prefer to use some type of corrective action rather than incurring the expense of removing the tree entirely. In many cases, a professional tree surgeon may determine that the tree removal is not necessary and that other service of trimming and nourishment would allow them to spare the life of the tree. These proactive and preventative treatments, including regular trimming practices, have been proven to prolong the life of many trees and even large shrubbery. Sometimes the use of artificial support devices has to be employed such as tree mining or cabling to help the tree cope with age, weight, and size.

If it’s Tree Removal, this is What You Should Expect

First of all, Eagerton Tree Service is famous for its Zero-Property Damage Pledge, that many other tree service companies cannot offer. Old techniques of climb, cut, swing, fall and drop cause damage to properties and are quite hard to put back to pre-removal condition. Eagerton Tree Service simply does not operate that way. We carefully dismantle the limbs, trunk, and branches in such a way that we don’t cause any additional damage and our clean-ups are easier to perform. Our tree surgeons carefully assess each job in order to determine the machinery we will employ to complete the job, safely and effectively. After the tree is downed, we remove the trunk and large sections to a waiting truck, chip the brush and cut the remaining limbs into removable pieces that are taken away not left on your property or by the side of the road. Then grind the stump down below ground level removing the debris field so grass can grow.

Licensed and Insured Tree Removal & Maintenance Experts

Eagerton Tree Service was created by owner Jake Eagerton to provide the most cost-effective tree service available in North Florida. We combine quality work, fair pricing, and excellent service from our initial written estimates to the last technician leaving your property. Honest, experienced, 24 hours availability, 365 days a year. Tree surgeons that understand and practice conservation but also know what should be done for the benefit of what nature has created. Give us a call at 904-823-3090 and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Visit our website at EagertonTree.Com for a complete list of our services and qualifications. Eagerton Tree Service, A name you can Trust, Service you can rely on.