Landing clearing service in Jacksonville

Land Clearing in Jacksonville


At Eagerton Tree Service we are serious about the specialized tree and land clearing services we provide and that is why we have included forestry mulching into our array of unique services. If you have an overgrown field, hollow, yard, or forest that needs clearing of trees, underbrush, unwanted vegetation like invasive plant species, desire wildfire management or simply need land clearing and site preparation, forestry mulching is the answer. It is a cost-effective process by which a single machine can clear, cut, and grind unwanted trees, stumps, brush, and other vegetation, where it lies, into a fine mulched substance without damaging the soil. Tradition land clearing companies actually increase the risk of soil erosion by bulldozing trees and brush and putting them into a pile for disposal, disturbing the surrounding land and soil. These methods only add to the services needed to complete the project like cutting, leveling, hauling, burning, and site cleanup utilizing multiple machines to accomplish the one task. This redundancy of efforts is both costly and time-consuming. Using the method of Forestry Mulching saves time and money and actually returns the mulched nutrient material back into the soil allowing for healthier growth going forward.

This one-step process can expand usable land space, expand right-of-way’s, utility easements, hunting, horse and walking trails, site preparation and cleanup, storm damage elimination, wetland preservation and conservation, water source access and rural fence line clearing. We also understand how forestry mulching can increase property values, beautify, and protect the environment.

Why Choose Our Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching Service?

We not only invested in the mulching machines, men and equipment, but in providing them the expert training necessary to apply specific techniques to accomplish the desired outcomes each unique forestry mulching job requires. Whether you are in need of a heavy forestry mulching in dense terrain or have a commercial or residential land clearing project, Eagerton Tree Service is the one to call. The Eagerton name has a family tradition of providing quality, expert service since 1954. We are proud of the tree services we provide and are affordable and are easy to work with. Our project management team affords us the opportunity to review our work on an ongoing basis and we pride ourselves on our commitment to a 100% customer satisfaction pledge. We accomplish this through a rigorous training program hiring only the most professional and experienced horticulturalists available, incorporating the latest tree surgeon techniques as well as operating in a safety-first, drug-free environment. Licensed and insured protection and quality service with a Zero-Property Damage objective. Give us a call for a free estimate at 904-823-3090. Please review our website for a complete list and description of our services and credentials. Eagerton Tree Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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