Crane Service in Jacksonville


One of the most important pieces of equipment we decided to purchase was our own Crane Service equipped with a 116 ft boom capable of handling even the largest trees in the North Florida and South Georgia area. We made this $100,000-dollar investment so that we could guarantee that the removal of any large tree could be accomplished safely, properly, and with Zero-Property damage.

The old way of taking down a 40, 50, and even 60 ft tree was to climb them to the top, rope them off as they were cut, and drop the pieces of the trunk and heavy limbs to the ground. This method is still being used by many of our competitors here in Jacksonville but this method also presents certain problems for the tree company and homeowner as well. First, taking down a 50-60ft tree without a crane service requires a skilled and experienced tree surgeon, who understands the damage a tree like this can cause to property, structures, and human beings. If the tree has already fallen the problem then becomes how do we remove the tree without damaging the object it is lying on. If the tree is on the ground it has already done a lot of the damage it is going to, except when rolled off the property and in many cases set by the curb or side of the road. But if the tree is lying on a house or other structure, to simply cut it up in pieces is both very dangerous and hazardous to the structure. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some tree companies from trying to remove the tree without causing further damage or declaring that the damage sustained should be included in the insurance claim. It’s scary to think that many large trees are cut down in this exact same way.

Why Choose Our Crane Service?

At Eagerton Tree Service we don’t believe in any of these tree removal methods and neither should you. A truly professional tree service company should possess a 30-40-ton crane capable of removing trees and ensuring that your property has zero-impact damage. But using a Crane Service the tree can still be cut by trained professional tree surgeons, but the trunk and limbs are lowered into waiting dump trucks for fast, safe, and damage-free disposal. Never are heavy, sometimes 1000’s of pound limbs and pieces, dropped to the ground causing damage to lawns, plants, shrubs, driveways, sidewalks, and sprinkler systems, not to mention workmen or even the structure itself. We have experience getting our cranes into tight places and avoid overhead power lines and other trees in close proximity. Sometimes a crane can not be safely positioned to remove a tree in tight spaces, backyards with no access, etc. but we have ways of falling a tree and removing it, piece by piece safely. This is accomplished by removing the trunk and limbs and safely carrying them off by a waiting, Trackless Bobcat equipped with all-wheel drive and steering. You see at Eagerton Tree Service we have thought these processes through and remain committed to providing you fast, efficient tree removal service at an affordable price, with zero-impact property damage. Give us a call today for a free estimate at 904-823-3090 or fill out one of our conveniently placed web forms on this website and we will respond as soon as we receive it. We are a family-owned business and the Eagerton name has been serving the Jacksonville and surrounding communities since 1954. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship second to none. Eagerton Tree Service is a licensed and insured professional Tree Service Company.  A Name You Can Trust, Service You Can Rely On.

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