Hurricane Force Winds and Some Trees don’t Mix Well

If you live in the North Florida or South Georgia area you are familiar with falling trees, downed power lines and damaged structures caused by high winds and devastating rain. Hurricanes, in this part of the country amount for over 80 % of all landfalls made by a hurricane that hits the continental United States and their devastating power is one of nature’s most deadly instrument. Coastal storm surge and beach erosion usually cause the most significant damage, but after the hurricane has moved on many trees and plants sustain significant damage. According to the University of Florida, if you own property and are considering what trees might survive a direct hit made by a hurricane you have a few choices of trees to consider. Sand Live Oaks is by far the most durable tree to withstand hurricane force winds. Their root structures are by far the most developed of all North Florida varieties and their additional strength comes from the presence of their extreme hardwood and the size of their limbs and trunks on mature specimens. Sand live oaks are evergreen oak trees and members of the beech family of trees. Different from their traditional Virginia live oak cousins, sand live oaks grow in coastal areas and are the most resistant trees to wind damage. Often described as a ubiquitous and abundant species that primarily grows in sandy areas near the coast and coastal plain or savannah. Sand live oaks are often times scrubby and form thickets, with very dark bark and leathery thick leaves. Southern Live Oaks, for the most part, grow inland and though they like sand, flourish in soil rich environments. Many believe these two trees are hybrids but experts generally believe the species are morphologically different. Additionally, there are 19 different varieties of Southern Oaks trees found in this part of the country including white oaks, live oaks, Shumard Oaks and many others. Oak trees are very durable and have long life cycles. They usually drop their leaves in the winter and also develop new ones as the old fall away. The less wind resistant varieties of oaks include water oaks and laurel oaks whose lifespan, tree root structure and durability, is not as sound as many other oak varieties. It is also important to practice good tree conservation, meaning the removal of dead or dying limbs and proper pruning which aids these trees in being hurricane resistant. If you are considering planting trees for beauty and shade you should consider the more wind resistant oaks. For a mixture of trees, one should also consider bald cypress, southern magnolia, sabal palms, and even crape myrtles. These tree varieties also have a wind-resistant track record here in the North Florida area.

Why You Should Consider Eagerton Tree Service

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