Before, During and After the Storm

The last week in August this year is going to be a busy week for most people along Florida’s Atlantic coast. Tourists and travelers will be leaving before the Labor Day weekend because of the threat of a Hurricane called Dorian. This storm is expected to make landfall sometime Monday through Wednesday, and with predicted sustained winds of over 130+ miles an hour could wreak damage all up and down the east coast. From Miami to Jacksonville, residents are advised to keep a close watch on the storm as it approaches the coast. According to the Jacksonville Electric Authority, JEA over the last couple of months they have been preparing the foliage for storms like this one cutting down trees and trimming branches that could take down powerlines and disrupt electric service for thousands. Unfortunately, JEA can only cut trees and trim branches that are adjacent to their lines and if a powerful storm does hit our area, the electric lines are still vulnerable to trees on properties out of reach of authority workers. This condition is exacerbated by the number of mature trees growing in our fair community putting them and us in harm’s way of powerful winds, rain, and potential tornados. A name and number you want to keep handy along with fire, rescue, and police, is Eagerton Tree Service at 904-823-3090. Jake Eagerton and his team of expert tree surgeons are ready, willing and on-call 24 hours a day for potential emergencies just like the one looming here. Jacksonville is extremely vulnerable to downed trees and powerlines and excessive damage to structures which of course is a common occurrence with high wind storms. Having all the necessary equipment to handle any kind or size of tree that has fallen gives Eagerton Tree Service a distinct advantage over the competition. We own our own boom truck, crane, dump and chipper trucks and have all the necessary equipment to make your hazardous condition safe. Also having expert tree surgeons on staff and on-call, who have the skill and experience to handle any and all fallen tree events is equally important. While we can’t get to everyone during these types of storms, we are going to have everyone on call to react to the issues that arise.

Why Consider Eagerton Tree Service

Hopefully, if you are a commercial or residential property owner in the North Florida area, you have been proactive in surveying your property for possible tree issues that could take place due to damaged, diseased or over foliated trees. Having an expert tree technician survey your property is the best way to avoid issues that may arise during this time of the year. Eagerton Tree Service is a four-star **** rated company that has over 100 years of shared tree technician experience. We provide free written estimates on all projects and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our zero-property damage pledge really separates us from the competition, meaning we will leave your property in the same if not better condition than we found it. Due to our safety performance record, Eagerton Tree Service is known as a leader in providing these types of dangerous tree removal services even under extremely hazardous conditions without further damage to your property or our workers. Hopefully, you have used our services in the past and in light of the pending events, will sustain little or no damage from falling trees. We wish everyone out there a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend and let hope Hurricane Dorian is more of a scare than an event.