What does a Full Service Tree Surgeon Do?

Removing and cutting down unwanted, damaged or decaying trees is only part of a full-service tree company’s repertoire. Depending on the circumstances most legitimate tree service companies provide whatever warranted services that are necessary to save and conserve trees and their surrounding and adjacent areas. From tree pruning to trimming, planting, hazard correction, height reduction pruning, and deep root fertilization, tree surgeons perform all types of conservation measures.  Being such an integral part of the natural habitat, especially in the North Florida area, trees serve a very deliberate purpose in nature. Beside providing a stable topography to eliminate soil erosion, become natures home to countless species of animals and birds, trees by their very nature are the biggest contributor of oxygen on the planet and allow animal life to flourish. Forests and their structures are a very important part of that ecosystem and tree surgeons take their lessons from the very structure nature provides. Unfortunately, we live in an urban and congested space here in the Northeast corner of our state and trees are being put at risk everyday by man and nature.  Eagerton Tree Service takes the handling of tree services very seriously and knows one of the biggest issues involving a tree is the danger one possesses if fallen or parts of the tree structure were to collapse.

Here are some useful tips if a tree falls on your property, house, out-structure or business. Emergency service is a very important part of the “Eagerton’s Pledge” to being available 24/7 through wind, rain and emergency situations. There are essentially 5 important things one must accomplish if a tree falls on their house or business structure after you have called Eagerton’s, live 24-hour emergency service hotline for direction on what to do next.

Step #1    Because of the number of trees that line our beautiful streets and border our homes if a tree of any substantial size falls it could down power lines and cause an additional hazard to life and limb. Without putting yourself in harms way survey the area where the tree has fallen and see if any power lines are damaged, hanging or fallen to the ground. Call the power company immediately to report any suspected damage or downed lines. Keep pets, children and nosey neighbors away from entering the site if live wires are suspected. Turn off or disconnect any expensive appliances like stereos, tv’s or other electronic devices incase of power surges. You might want to consider turning off your own power at the breaker switch until things get resolved.

Step #2   Without endangering yourself try and rope off the area so that you can warn others as to the imminent danger the fallen tree poses. If the tree has fallen on to the roadway try and warn passersby of the danger. If the tree is resting on your home or business make sure that any exits or doors that are accessible to the danger area are covered and closed off.

Step #3   Once you have secured the immediate area call Eagerton Tree Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can advise you on the best course of action and set up a site visit during business hours. If you need immediate help covering open roofs during a storm we will dispatch an emergency team to cover and secure the affected area until daylight hours. We routinely deal with emergency situations and have a great deal of experience advising home and businessowners through the entire process.

Step #4   Take pictures of the fallen tree or limbs if damage has occurred for insurance purposes. You can also text the pictures to an Eagerton Tree Specialist who will have a clearer picture of what the situation is and be prepared to dispatch the appropriate equipment for removal and shoring up.

Step #5   If damage has occurred you will need to contact your insurance company to file a claim. This will expedite the emergency tree service and start the process of removal after the insurance company has assessed the damage. Eagerton Tree Service is very experienced with working with just about every insurance carrier in the State of Florida and if a claim is filed you will need to get the Claim Number, Adjusters Name, Telephone Number and Email Address for our records. We pride ourselves on the work we have accomplished on behalf of homeowners and business persons and enjoy working with insurance adjusters to make sure all of the steps of the tree removal process are accomplished. We also have a Zero-Property Damage pledge that we will leave your property with no additional damage done by our services.

 Why Choose Eagerton Tree Service for All Your Tree Service Needs.

If you are in need of any type of tree service from tree removal, pruning, trimming, land clearing, forestry mulching, crane service and stump grind, Eagerton Tree is the one service to call. Jake Eagerton understands the relationship between customer and service provider having been brought up in the services business. We are a state-of-the-art tree removal and emergency tree services business. Using only highly trained and knowledgeable tree surgeons we provide an affordable, arbor service experience. Give us a call at 904-823-3090 for a free estimate or arbor consultation. Visit our unique and informative website @ EagertonTree.com for a complete list of our services, qualifications and experience.