Removing Large Trees

There is no such thing for most homeowners as a “do-it-yourself” safe tree removal. Removing a large tree, tree trunk, size-able limb or decaying stump is a dangerous proposition and should be left up to competent and knowledgeable experts. There are many pitfalls associated with this kind of tree removal none of with is more serious than the size, weight and type of the tree and its condition that would warrant its removal. According to Jake Eagerton, owner/operator of Eagerton Tree Service “we see it all the time, people thinking that they can save a few dollars by getting out their chain saw and cutting down a tree or removing one of its limbs or over-sized branches without the knowledge, experience or even the proper equipment including safety equipment any reputable tree service company would use. The first issues are, is the tree lying on its side or standing upright. This is a major concern. Anyone who would use a ladder and power chain saw at the same time is asking for trouble. And the trouble an inexperienced homeowner can get into is far more than just a cut or scrap. Major life-threatening injuries and even death can occur if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Chain saws are very unpredictable when they are engaged in sawing any type of tree and knowing exactly where to start cutting and how to make the cut is usually the first issue one would face. Secondly, besides the sawing danger comes the danger posed by the height one must be at to make the cut successful. Third and most importantly is the danger posed by the shear weight of the tree, trunk or limb itself. Trees, even dead ones are full of water and water weighs a great deal by itself. Combine the weight of water and the tree wood, bark and core, makes a tree a very heavy and dangerous object. At Eagerton Tree Service we don’t even let novice tree surgeons make cuts or be involved in tree removals unless they have had the necessary classroom and first-hand, on the job experience, before we would consider letting them be involved in any tree removal project.”

Tree Removal Accidents

There are 1000’s of tree removal accidents that occur each year in the United States and the evidence of how extensive these types of accidents with injuries are, can be seen by a simple Google search of “tree removal accidents”. According to the Tree Care Industry Association, or TCIA, a study was conducted on a sample of 47 tree accidents and found that 25 or 54% of these accidents were fatal, death occurred. Of the deaths that occurred, 64% were struck by the tree, 16% fell from the ladder, 8% were caught under the roof plate, 4% were electrocuted and 4% actually fell from the tree itself. A further investigation of this sample data revealed: that 60% of the time the victim was killed by the tree when it fell in the opposite direction of what they expected, 3 home owners died because the tree split and kick back violently while it was being cut and 3 others died from adjacent trees that fell because of the movement and dislocation of the tree that was being cut and the disturbance of the surrounding ground. Additionally, the report stated that objects usually fall in a straight line and using a ladder and chain saw together is a recipe for disaster, according to these industry experts.

Why Hire Eagerton Tree Service for All Your Tree Removal Needs?

We at Eagerton Tree understand why many homeowners buy and use both electric and gas-powered chain saws on their properties. We also understand the dangers involved in turning those chain saws on tree removal jobs only a professional should be employed to handle. Cutting small limbs or even very small trees can easily be accomplished by an experienced homeowner with their chain saw but trying to cut damaged or broken limbs, rotting or decayed trees or even felling a full-size tree itself can be very dangerous. Never use a ladder or stand on an object like a garage or house to cut a tree. If you do you are just asking for trouble. Eagerton Tree Service is an experienced, licensed and insured commercial tree service, proudly servicing Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island and Middleburg. We are a drug-free work place made up of professional tree surgeons experienced in handling any kind of tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding and removal and forestry mulching project. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have emergency tree surgeons manning our phones at all times. Tree surgeons capable of answering your questions about any type of tree extraction or removal issue. We employ only the most experienced, safety conscious employees and we own all of our own equipment including boom truck and crane. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a zero-property damage service pledge. The name Eagerton has stood for affordable, quality service for over 50 years in the North Florida area. Give us a call for a free estimate on your next project at 904-823-3090. Visit our website to review our qualifications and services at