What are the Most Common Arborists Issues?

For most arborists, being called on to assess a trees condition and then prescribe the necessary remedy is one of their most important and rewarding tasks. But dealing with tree inspections and tree management plans is only the beginning of what drives most arborists. Tree conservation and environmental stewardship is a plan organized around a natural-based approach in promoting tree health. Natural fertilizers and organic materials reduce the risk of over exposure to pesticides and harmful chemicals. Most arborists prescribe to these tactics to promote healthy growth and long-term sustenance. But pests are only part of the damage trees and shrubs sustain in these North Florida locales. Experienced arborists are called upon to perform many tasks and services including:

Storm Events

Storms, high winds, rain events and lightning are a leading cause of tree damage and can have a lasting affect well after the storm has passed.  It is important to monitor trees after a severe storm. Immediate inspection will reveal most damage but some symptoms may not appear until months later. These situations place enormous stress on trees and if structural damage has taken place increases the chance of pest infestation and disease. Damaged, cracked or hanging limbs pose risks to life and limb but can also cause structural issues like branch and limb dieback, promoting further issues. The larger the wound, the less likely the tree will heal. Over-pruning can be a concern during this stressful time. It has also been documented that most tree damage that takes place in severe storms happens in the top 50% of the tree. If the tree crown is damaged significantly, tree mortality will take place as often as a few years hence. An experienced arborist can help manage to most of these issues and can advise on the best course of action to save and preserve a tree damaged during a storm.

Drought from Long Hot Summers

Another major concern is are your trees getting enough water during certain times of the year. Water plays a significant role in promoting plant life. If the soil remains dry for extended periods of time this may affect the root system of the tree causing it to weaken the trees ability to manufacture the food necessary for it to grow properly. If this situation has occurred and the tree becomes damaged, its ability to mend and fight off disease is reduced. Drought-stressed trees and shrubs are easy targets for pest infestation. Steps can be taken besides providing adequate water by adding mulch to the soil directly around the base of the tree making water absorption more abundant.


Flooding in certain areas of north Florida, especially around suburban areas where drainage is a problem, can cause damage to tree roots. If this occurs on a regular basis during the rainy season, diseases like tree rot can happen. Saturated soil can also damage the lower structure of the tree causing it to decay prematurely. Additionally, whatis referred to a root die-back can have a significant impact on the treesability to fight disease and keep it structurally sound during storm events.

Why Trust the Arborists at Eagerton Tree Service?

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