After the recent storm has passed its safe to say JEA and many homeowners living in the Jacksonville area did a really good job cutting and trimming trees before the storm. With so much at stake this hurricane season, this is shaping up to be another active year and what a shame it is for those living in the Bahamas. Food, water, and supply relief is pouring in from all over the world and many US coastal inhabitants are seeing what a devastating hurricane like Dorian can do to low lying coastal areas. Homes and possessions can be replaced but human beings can’t. It’s never a prudent decision to wade out a category 3+ hurricane if you live in a storm surge prone area. We at Eagerton Tree Service have been very active as a tree service company in Jacksonville FL, clearing out older, more diseased prone and trimming overgrown trees in our area adjacent to power lines and close to structures. Tree service companies like us, always enjoy being called by proactive home or business owner to make an inventory of possible tree hazards and tackle those jobs before the storm occurs rather than react to insurance claims because of damage that in some cases could have been avoided. If you live in the North Florida or South Georgia area you can’t help be aware that the amount and aged population of trees especially, water and live oak growing in our area are prone to damage and collapse by wind gusts over 50 miles an hour. High sustained winds of hurricane strength can cause many downed trees and power outages that could be avoided, thus power companies and tree service companies in our area are called upon to work overtime to get our tree and forest infrastructure ready for any possible storms.

Why Should You Consider Eagerton Tree Service?

There are many tree service companies in the Duval and Clay County area that perform tree service activities but none are as reliable and experienced as Eagerton Tree Service is. Founded on the guiding principle of “Do No Harm” to the environment, property, life or limb, Eagerton Tree has a long history of performing tree removal and collection, with zero-property damage due to their modern tree removal techniques. No rope, cut, swing and drop to the ground techniques practiced here. We have invested in crane, dump and chipper truck removal and collection of the debris field with the least possible amount of damage that is caused by other tree companies. Eagerton Tree Service is also proud of its safety record utilizing modern tree safety practices that include electronic communication between every on-the-job tree service technician. Everyone knows their role and position on a tree removal job and are in constant communication from the ground, in machinery and in the air. Skilled and informed modern horticultural techniques practiced and affordable pricing makes Eagerton Tree Service the custom tree surgeon company most choose when planning their next tree trimming or tree removal project. We offer free consultations performed by expert tree surgeons with written proposals and no cost overruns. We take our role so seriously that we employ 24-hour, 7 days a week, tree surgeons on call. We always answer our own telephones anytime day or night and provide 24-hour emergency service so you can rest easy if a tree were to damage your home or structure during the storm. Insurance claims are our specialty with fast service and reliable removal. Give us a call today at 904-823-3090 and see what makes us different from all the rest. Visit our website @ EagertonTree.Com for a complete list of our products and services. From Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing to Tree Trimming, Pruning and Tree Removal, Eagerton is the one to call.  Eagerton Tree Service.  A Name You Can Trust, Service You Can Rely On.