Our Story


Eagerton Tree Service was developed in 2009 by Jake Eagerton, owner/operator after attending the University of North Florida. With a desire to own his own company and not wanting to go into the family plumbing business, Jake decided to look for another service opportunity in the North Florida area. Understanding that most successful business models are built the same way and that first you start with having the right vision for your company. Second, have a customer service commitment you can fulfill. Third, choose the right assets and hire the right personnel and provide them with the most modern, up-to-date expert training and create a good, safe working environment for your workers to thrive in. Lastly, acquire the right equipment to provide a superior product and create a customer value proposition second to none.

After having years of experience in the plumbing business, Jake understood what superior service looked like to a residential and business customer. Wanting to take this business knowledge to the next level, Jake then sought after an industry that was sorely in need of a fresh vision and a new approach to servicing its clients. Jake’s research led him to look at developing a modern, professional tree service business.  Jake understood that many tree services were started with a couple of chain saws and a few hard-working men able to climb heights. But lack of funding and inefficiencies led to tree service practices that were both harmful to the environment and caused danger to themselves, properties and possibly others.

Jake saw old fashion tree removal methods being used to fall a tree by rope, ladder, swinging and drop. These techniques had the potential to damage plants, shrubs, sprinkler systems, lawns, walkways, driveways, houses and alike and he wanted no part of it. He saw company after company downing trees and leaving the trunks, limbs and stalks in the yard or on the street, stumps half cut and yards looking like a tornado had just gone through. He decided then and there that, that was no way to provide tree service and that the average customer expected more for their money.

Eagerton Tree Service

Our Mission


At Eagerton Tree Service we ask the question, that if we were going to fall a tree, what would it take to do it right, in a safe environment, with zero-property damage and at a price people could afford. Enter Eagerton Tree Service. The first order of business was to find experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeons and arborists with a number of years’ experience dealing with specific tree and shrug issues common to the North Florida areas. Second, he would raise enough capital to buy the best equipment for cutting, sawing, removing, chipping, grinding, mulching, clipping and falling the largest trees anyone would want to remove in the area. Next, he would establish a business model based on providing a 100% customer service guarantee, in a safe, drug-free, professional, and construction work environment using all of the tools necessary to achieve the results he was looking for. Cutting down or falling a tree is a very dangerous occupation. Anytime you have men, even experienced workmen, using chain saws, bucket trucks, bobcats, cranes and boom trucks, wood chippers, dump and hauling trucks and working with objects of tremendous weight of many thousand pounds, from hundreds of feet in the air, is a treacherous occupation. Someone could get seriously hurt or sustain life threatening injuries or even death. Our workers wear protective clothing including tight fitting uniforms, hard hats, communication devices so that we can communicate with anyone on the project through Bluetooth technology and keep each other informed as the job progress unfolds. From the top of the tree, to the crane operator or to the man in the wood chipping cab, we all stay in constant communication with each other through the whole process. Our motto is safety first. As a family business we have each other’s backs at all times.  All of this accomplished with a final check and balanced, supervised system of service to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch and delivers the exact service contracted for by the property owner. Can a tree service company complete the falling of a tree and leave no evidence that a tree service company had ever visited the property? Call Eagerton Tree Service for a free estimate and a customer service guarantee that ensures that a quality job has been performed and at an affordable price. Safety First, Job Performance Second, and a Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give us a call today at 904-823-3090 for a free estimate or visit our website at EagertonTree.com for a complete list of our credentials and services.

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